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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Longshan temple - Taipei

Publié par Marie sur 14 Avril 2013, 08:43am

Catégories : #Taiwan

The busiest place I have seen in Taipei so far was this temple – the Longshan Temple. It is also the oldest temple in Taipei.



Longshan temple (2)


Longshan temple (1)


Longshan temple (3)


Plenty of people were praying, seeking benediction from the monks for the Qing Ming festival again I guess and consulting the fortune tellers around the temple. Sticks of burning incense, hundreds of offerings and vivid flowers can be found all around the temple.


Longshan temple (4)



When I saw so much food offerings, I can’t help but ask myself if anything will be thrown away and wasted… Hope the monks or the temple’s workers will find a way to use them all!


Longshan temple (5)


Longshan temple (6)


Being one of the most touristic temples in Taiwan, we found lots of tourists among the locals. Even crowded and at my surprise, this place offered a relaxing and charming atmosphere.


Longshan temple (7)


Longshan temple (8)


Longshan temple (9)

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