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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Rainy day in Taipei = Brunch time

Publié par Marie sur 19 Avril 2013, 08:41am

Catégories : #Taiwan

After few days of visiting Taipei under the rain, we decided to do what we are best at… testing one of Taipei’s brunch!

There is nothing like food and wine to beat out the blues from the bad weather ;)


Taipei Brunch (1) 

Taipei Brunch (2)

 Taipei Brunch (3)


We did a quick research on internet and ended up at the Hyatt Brunch next to the Taipei 101 tower.

  Taipei Brunch (8)


This brunch was a semi-buffet menu with an oyster buffet then starters and mains a la carte, followed by a dessert buffet. Everything was delicious, the bread was made from heaven, and the main course was full of flavor! 

  Taipei Brunch (9)

 Taipei Brunch (10)

 Taipei Brunch (11)

 Taipei Brunch (13)


I couldn’t try all the desserts as I was already full after two sweet plates.

  Taipei Brunch (4)

 Taipei Brunch (5)

 Taipei Brunch (6)

 Taipei Brunch (7)


Bon appetit!

 Taipei Brunch (12)

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