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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Street night market in Taipei

Publié par Marie sur 18 Avril 2013, 09:08am

Catégories : #Taiwan

Known for its street market, you will have the choice between plenty of them!


Taipei Night Market (1)


Shilin Night Market is the most famous one (maybe for tourists only?). Starting around 5-6 pm until late, there are lots of clothes shops, street food stalls and various goods.


Taipei Night Market (2)


Taipei Night Market (4)


Taipei Night Market (3)


Taipei Night Market (5)


Eating in the night market might be a bit tricky if you don’t speak Chinese, you are vegetarian and are not too adventurous so I passed my turn this time… It does look good but it is jsut not for me!


Taipei Night Market (6)


Taipei Night Market (7)


Walking around Ximending MTR Station is also great. There is a huge walking area with a very active nightlife around here. During our 4 nights stay in Taipei, we were wondering where all the bars and nightclubs were and suddenly we found some of them there… so yeah, Taipei does have night life after all!

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