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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Baby Lara Baby Lara As you might already be aware, our little baby has decided to come a bit earlier than expected. She made a "grand entrance" for mummy's birthday as she desperatly wanted to share this special day with her mom. Everyone is fine at home and we are slowly... Lire la suite
Little one on the way... Little one on the way... By the time I am writing this article, baby is already 11 days old! Time is flying when you have to take care of a newborn (I am sure all the new mums will agree with me)! Just 2 weeks before giving birth, I had the chance to meet Jenna to realize this... Lire la suite
Our new home in Kowloon Our new home in Kowloon Yes, we moved again! Not even 3 years in HK and already 5 places done... After a little bit more than one year in our previous apartment, the owner decided to sell the flat and the new owner wanted to live inside their apartment. The whole searching process... Lire la suite
Must Try Hong Kong Dishes Must Try Hong Kong Dishes I recently found this article in the magazine "The List" in Hong Kong and thought it could be interesting to share it with you. You can find it in their latest issue "New to town" or on their website here. The good news is they even give you an adress... Lire la suite
2013 Retrospective 2013 Retrospective 2013 has gone fast, too fast! The first thing that comes to my mind to describe the best this year is “rush”. It was a busy year, full of huge life changes, love, hope and faith! I loved it but I would also like now to relax and enjoy a little the new... Lire la suite
Not kidding anymore Not kidding anymore One day in your life, you wake up and you realize you are not a kid anymore… Well this never really happened to me as I still feel like I am 18 years old and everyone is always thinking that I am a lot younger than I really am… (Thanks to my Russian baby... Lire la suite
What a wonderful world! What a wonderful world! Just to say a huge thanks to everyone! We had an amazing day with you all, your presence meant so much to us! Very soon the official pictures... Lire la suite
Thank you girls! Thank you girls! It was a wonderful day with all of you girls! Thanks again for this special gift and hope to make yours soon ;) Lire la suite
Day & Night Day & Night By day or by night the restort will always surprise you with beautiful landscape. Waking up before the sunrise, I could enjoy it all by myself with no one else than the small sharks as company. I always try to wake up early once during my holiday just... Lire la suite
Time for a real break Time for a real break Sorry guys but who can get enough if these amazing pictures... ;) It is just the perfect holidays to relax and cut off all the stress from work, the HK life, even the real life... As usual, we had to do our usual pictures... especially the jumping one!... Lire la suite
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