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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

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  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Gobi - Part 2

    25 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Being the land of livestock, Mongolia has around 10.2 million goats (for a human population of 3 million)! Goats and sheep know where the best pasture is and they are wandering all around the desert during the day. In all the family we visited we were...

  • Hong Kong Trail Stage 5&6

    23 mai 2013 ( #Treks )

    Getting close to finish this Hong Kong Trail in a record time! And that’s not easy considering the current never- ending rainy season in Hong Kong… This time, we hiked the stage 5 & 6. The stage 5 is supposed to be the hardest one – with plenty of stairs...

  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Gobi - Part 3

    26 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    When you stay for 3 nights in the same Mongolian family with nothing around, it is easier to know better the family and its members. We were very lucky to end up with “Sulango” family. Sulango is the girl’s name, it means ”Passiv Rainbow”. This child...

  • Time for a real break

    26 novembre 2013 ( #Maldives )

    Sorry guys but who can get enough if these amazing pictures... ;) It is just the perfect holidays to relax and cut off all the stress from work, the HK life, even the real life... As usual, we had to do our usual pictures... especially the jumping one!...

  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Gobi - Part 1

    24 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    The Mongolia lifestyle is based on a nomadic culture. Our trip includes sleeping with nomad’s family for almost our entire stay in Mongolia. There is nothing better to discover the local culture and people by yourself and I would highly recommend you...

  • Horse Riding in the 8 lakes region

    30 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Mongolian nomads don’t only love their goats, camels and sheep, they cherish their horses. Back in more traditional times, horses gave a tactical advantage of mobility to the Mongolian against the Chinese and other invaders. As of today, there have more...

  • Camel Riding in the Gobi

    21 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    The bad flights experience is now only a funny memory… In the Gobi desert, you will forget everything about your previous life and live at the pace of Mongolian nomads. Nothing can describe our Mongolian experiences, the emptiness, the scenery, the people,...

  • My first HK wedding!

    28 juin 2013 ( #Cultural Differences )

    Few weeks ago, one of my Hong Kong colleagues got married and I was invited to the celebration. I wanted to share with you some details about some Chinese weddings customs and traditions with the help of another colleague (thanks for your help Phillip!!!). Date...

  • A stay in paradise

    23 novembre 2013 ( #Maldives )

    Going to the Maldives is the perfect place to enjoy relax and peaceful holidays. While you can still enjoy lots of watersports (diving, windsurf, kayak and co), you can also just chill out and enjoy the landscape! For the one who need a little update,...

  • Cocoa by Como

    25 novembre 2013 ( #Maldives )

    On the Cocoa Island, only one resort named after the island itself and located in South Male’s coral atolls. From the airport, you will enjoy an hour long sea boat ride to access the resort which is not too bad if you are planning a short vacation in...

  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Naiman Nuur - Part 1

    01 septembre 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Back on the road with our Russian tank, we are now in the Naiman Nuur National Park. This park is situated in the Central Mongolian mountain range and was created by volcanic eruption years ago. This region is high in altitude with an average of 2,400...

  • Hong Kong Trail - Stage 3&4

    03 mai 2013 ( #Treks )

    The 1st of May was mid-week this year so no possibilities to take a flight to somewhere without having to take at least 2 days off!! And days off are precious in Asia so we decided to hike instead. Without being a perfect weather for hiking, waking up...

  • Photo shoot session Part 1

    09 mai 2013 ( #My life in HK )

    When you are going through your holidays or daily pictures on your computer, you might realize that if you are a couple, your pictures with both of you are not the best one... Taken while moving (blurry pics), from yourself (half cut pictures), from the...

  • Day & Night

    27 novembre 2013 ( #Maldives )

    By day or by night the restort will always surprise you with beautiful landscape. Waking up before the sunrise, I could enjoy it all by myself with no one else than the small sharks as company. I always try to wake up early once during my holiday just...

  • The Orkhon Valley

    04 septembre 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Starting with the Tuvkhun Monastery, this is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia. It can only be reached by foot as it is located on a rocky mountain at around 2,300 meters. A nice 1 hour walk in the forest will get you to the bottom of...

  • The Flaming cliffs

    22 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    The Flaming Cliffs is also known under the name “Bayanzag” in Mongolia. Found by a foreigner paleontologist, this site became quickly famous for its scenery especially at the end of the day when the sun is turning the rocks and the cliffs red. Ready for...

  • Welcome to the Maldives

    22 novembre 2013 ( #Maldives )

    Because it is considered as a honeymoon destination and we don’t always like doing things as planned… Because our life will be upside down very soon and that will be a change forever we all agree… Because traveling to this place with a kid would have...

  • Fraicheur Chocolat

    08 juillet 2013 ( #French inspired recipes )

    After the opening of Pierre Herme’s first shop in Hong Kong, I decided it was time to try one of his recipe. I tried his macarons recipe from his book but it seems I still have some improvments to be done to be able to eat them ;) so here is a pastry...

  • Not kidding anymore

    10 janvier 2014 ( #My life in HK )

    One day in your life, you wake up and you realize you are not a kid anymore… Well this never really happened to me as I still feel like I am 18 years old and everyone is always thinking that I am a lot younger than I really am… (Thanks to my Russian baby...

  • The Yoliin Am valley

    20 août 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Our 15 days trip to Mongolia in July didn’t started as expected… or should I say it started even worse than expected! We made the big mistake to choose flights with a connection in Beijing on Air China. At our arrival at the airport around 7am, our first...

  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Naiman Nuur - Part 2

    03 septembre 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    Not present in the Gobi desert, the yaks are a predominant part of the cattle of this family. They still have few goats and sheep of course. Their size is quite impressive and they could be related to cows. If they haven’t been sheared off recently, they...

  • A bit of Mongolian culture

    12 septembre 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    After our 1,500 kilometers aroud the Gobi desert, Central Mongolia and the Valley, we ended in Ulan Batoor for a day. We decided to get a glimpse of the Mongolian culture through a small show. With musicians, dancers, acrobats and singers, this show was...

  • Waffles time

    29 mai 2013 ( #French inspired recipes )

    Xavier was asking me waffles for a month now… but without wanting me to buy a waffle maker… His excuse was where was I going to store it in our kitchen? Like we are living in HK and we don’t have enough space in our kitchen… Also I told him once that...

  • Our new home in Kowloon

    12 février 2014 ( #My life in HK )

    Yes, we moved again! Not even 3 years in HK and already 5 places done... After a little bit more than one year in our previous apartment, the owner decided to sell the flat and the new owner wanted to live inside their apartment. The whole searching process...

  • Mongolian pieces of life in the Orkhon Valley - Part 2

    11 septembre 2013 ( #Mongolia )

    After a quick explanation of the absence of shower during our trip in Mongolia, I decided to show how how to do it in the Mongolian way of life. For this, you will need of course to have a beautiful river running not too far from where you are staying...

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