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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Thai cooking class - Part 1

Publié par Marie sur 1 Mars 2013, 15:52pm

Catégories : #Thailand

If you know me already, you know that holiday is not a real holiday without a cooking lesson!

Market C (1)


In Chiang Mai, you have plenty of schools to choose from which makes it difficult when you are a tourist… We were not able to ask to our friends as not a lot of them are doing cooking class… so we did like everyone else in this position, we do follow our instinct and the well-known reviews on Trip advisor as a safety net ;)

We ended up with the “Oriental Cuisine” school, which I do strongly recommend if you are also lost for this important choice!

Market C (2)


First step of the day is the usual local market visit. This market looks very clean compared to other markets we have done around Asia or Africa which is a relief.

Market C (3)


After a presentation of Thai traditional food used for our dishes today by Wawah, we started walking around on our own.  

Market C (5)


First time I am seeing peas eggplant and so many chillies…

Market C (6)


Xavier loves taking photos in a market as he said and I quote “Veggies and fruits make amazing pictures”. So enjoy the market, we will come back later for the cooking!

Of course, the meat and the fish are not kept in fridges... when I see this, I am just glad I am a vegetarian.

Market C (7)


Market C (8)


Market C (9)


Some stalls offer already cooked Thai food. It smells damn good!! I can't wait to start the class and eat my dishes; it is 9 am only.

Market C (10)


Market C (11)


Market C (12)


Market C (14)

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