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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

French Classic Bread

Publié par Marie sur 22 Mars 2013, 12:32pm

Catégories : #French inspired recipes

Boule de pain a la francaise


Always wonder where to buy a good French bread in Hong Kong? After tasting almost all of them, I have always been disappointed so I decided it was time to do it myself…


OMG!!!… This was my breakfast this morning with the Mango & Vanilla jam home made last week end! A breakfast made in heaven!!! A culinary Orgasm!!!


Bread (1)


 You will need:


500g Bread Flour

10 g salt

300 g temperate water

14g dried yeast



Put the flour in a large bowl, add the salt and mix the ingredients together.

Make a large well in the center and pour the yeast then the temperate water. Mix with a wooden spoon until the mixture is fully combined.


Then let’s start the fun… the kneading! Slap, roll and push the dough for 5 minutes until it becomes elastic.

Put back in the bowl and cover with a towel. Allow to rest for 35 to 40 minutes in a warm room.

After this time, your dough should have doubled in size.


Punch your dough in the bowl at least 3 or 4 times to knock the air out. Remove from the bowl and shape the bread into your favorite bread type. Place it on a baking tray. Cover with a towel and allow to rest again for 40 minutes in a warm room.


Pre-heat the oven to 240 C and place a bowl of water at the bottom of your oven (This will help to develop the humidity for a crunchy top and a good rise).

With a sharp knife, cut small slashes across the top of the dough. Dust with flour and bake for 35 minutes at 210 C.


Remove the bread from the baking tray and allow it to cool for 30 minutes before eating.


Bread (2)

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