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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

A nice guesthouse in Xi'An

Publié par Marie sur 23 Octobre 2012, 14:18pm

Catégories : #China

Because you might be looking for a nice place to sleep in Xi’an and we found the perfect one! This place is called the 7 sages Youth hostel and is located in the center of Xi’an, not far from the old city wall.


Xi'An Guesthouse (1)


Xi'An Guesthouse (3)


It exists since more than 100 years and offers a real historical architecture in this ancient city. It is a classic Chinese historical row house dated back to the Tang Dynasty (618 AD). This place is part of the top 10 most typical hotels around the world!


Xi'An Guesthouse (4)

 Xi'An Guesthouse (5)

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