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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

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A day on Nosy Iranja

Publié par Marie sur 5 Février 2013, 13:08pm

Catégories : #Madagascar

Nosy Iranja is a small island 2 hours away by speed boat from Nosy Be. It discourage most of the travelers but this island is so worth it!




Nosy Iranja (6)


Nosy Iranja (7)

 Nosy Iranja (9)



After this long journey you will end up in the best secret place ever for a tropical island!! Warm azure water, white sandy beaches, sunshine and plenty of space!

I am not too sure anymore if Madagascar beaches aren’t better than Mozambique’s one! They are similar but also very different… hard to decide so I won’t choose… they are all amazing!

  Nosy Iranja (2)




The best place for stupid pictures isn’t it?



Nosy Iranja (3)

 Nosy Iranja (1)

 Nosy Iranja (4)

 Nosy Iranja (5)

 Nosy Iranja (10)



For those who have some time, there is a 5* lodge on the right part of the island where you can go only at low tide.

It is said that during the right season you will witness plenty of turtles nesting…

  Nosy Iranja (11)


 Nosy Iranja (12)

 Nosy Iranja (13)



Life is hard!




Nosy Iranja (8)

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