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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Hong Kong and the humidity

Publié par Marie sur 16 Avril 2012, 12:52pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

As I am stuck at home, I am speaking a lot, I know I know… No more hikes, no more sports, no more anything!!!!


Everyone warned me about the climate in Hong Kong and its consequences: mold and smell in clothes, curtains and books… The humidity varies from 60 % to 100% here and a dehumidifier is a must! As far as I remember, I have never experienced the same weather in HK than in France or South Africa: you know this constant feeling of sweating and being wet...


The decision to buy a dehumidifier was taken in March when I realized that after washing our clothes, I had to wait for more than 5 days to get them dry and even then it was still kind of wet. Decision taken in less than 2 minutes, we are going to the store as soon as we can.


The funny part comes when you go to the store and you end up in front of 25 different kinds of dehumidifiers with so many functions and designed that you are lost again! It seems buying a dehumidifier is not a straight business, everyone will recommend you one brand with passion and convictions as if they were speaking about luxury goods.


However, it is the best thing that we bought in Hong Kong so far! The dehumidifier works smoothly and properly with only a small noise, you can even keep them on while sleeping as you do with the air con.

I was amazed how very quickly they were filling up, I have to empty it more than once a day and I never realized before how humid it was in the apartment.

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