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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Happy New Year 2013!

Publié par Marie sur 16 Janvier 2013, 17:59pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

I wish you all a happy new year 2013! May this year bring health, success, prosperity and happiness to you and your family!



In the meantime and for my blog purpose, here is the list of what I wish to share with you this year on my blog:


Complete the Hong Kong Trail -> It is a 50 km hike through national parks on the Hong Kong Island.

I am not saying I will do it all in one day but this is a new target for our Sunday hikes with Xavier. Of course he doesn’t know it yet but will learn it soon enough!


Complete a 10k run race -> For anyone who knows me well, this is not an easy task. I have never been an avid runner and even if swimming is never a chore, running is more than challenging and I always quit before I can manage to run more than 30 minutes straight.

Here too, Xavier is included in the goal but he knows about this one already… No time goal here, the first target is only to finish the race.


Discover at least two new countries -> High on my priority list for this year’s travels are Taiwan, Singapore, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, India, or Malaysia. Of course, I won’t be able to do them all but I will definitely be very careful while planning my 2013 travels!


Discover at least 5 Hong Kong beaches -> As you might have seen it through my blog already, I have not done a lot of beaches in Hong Kong since I moved here.

There are several reasons for this: I do prefer to relax at home than surrounded by 1 million people, I do have to take more care of my skin since I burned too much while in South Africa, I am more an active person than a beach bikini babe, I am very skeptical regarding the water’s quality around here, and of course but that does not really counts, I am a bit afraid of sharks…


Try out 2 new Sunday’s brunch -> After travelling, eating is one of my favorite hobbies… let’s take time to find and try new places to enjoy a lazy and relaxing Sunday.


Organize a bicycle tour in Lantau -> I am talking about it since a year but 2012 has been a crazy year so let’s try to plan it this year. The nice finish of this tour will be completed by a South African dinner on the beach.



I am sure I will have plenty of other ideas during the year for some exciting time around Hong Kong!

And starting soon with the pictures and stories of 3 weeks and a half spent in Madagascar for the festive season…

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dubeau 17/01/2013 13:23

Bonjour Marie,

Je voulais pas vous vexer!!!Je quitte Vocation Services !

Marie 24/01/2013 03:23

Non non je ne suis pas vexee! J'ai meme l'habitude puisque c'est ce que tout le monde me dit tout le temps ;)

Bon courage pour la suite et tenez moi au courant!

A bientot

NATHALIE DUBEAU 16/01/2013 13:11

Bonjour Marie, 

MES Meeilleurs Voeux pour cette Année 2013, pleine de beaux projets à ce que je lis !Mais pour moi un mystère demeure , vous travaillez quand?Bises .Nathalie 

Marie 17/01/2013 08:47

Bonjour Nathalie,

Bonne annee a vous et a tout le bureau!

Je travaille comme tout le monde (voire bien plus que les francais meme...) mais mes week ends, vacances et jours feries doivent bien servir a quelque chose donc plutot que de rien glander, j'en
profite pour me fixer des buts sympas!

Quoi de prevu de votre cote pour 2013?

Gros bisous et a tres vite


Nous sommes sociaux !

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