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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Asian Travel Slogan in The Standard HK

Publié par Marie sur 25 Août 2012, 18:28pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

Here is what I found on The Standard HK on Friday, article written by N. Vittachi.


"Warning: Before reading the list, please note. We do not intend to offend any particular nation. We intend to offend all nations.

The Official List of Accurate Asian Travel Slogans:

Bangladesh: Sometimes not flooded.

Laos: Landmine capital of the world.

Kazakhstan: Visit us and feel better about your home country.

Mongolia: Poor, cold and miserable, but the sheep like it.

North Korea: Bring your own food and drink, no corkage fee.

Sri Lanka: Our sunshine will scorch your outside while our curries scorch your inside.

Taiwan: The most popular target for mainland missiles.

Thailand: Come see how long you can stay prime minister.

Japan: You think our cartoons are weird, wait till you meet our people.

Nepal: Compare the legend of fabled, exotic Kathmandu, with the grimy, bar-lined reality.

Malaysia: Pitched battles over leadership, and that's just within the ruling party.

Kyrgyzstan: Proud to be the world's least spellable nation.

Hong Kong: Enjoy our mountains and harbors, but bring your own air.

East Timor: Now transformed from a violent, poverty-stricken, occupied land into a violent, poverty- stricken, independent land.

Philippines: Corrupt but cheap.

Singapore: Developing ways to arrest people for thought-crimes.

Brunei: Imagine a land totally free of pubs, nightclubs and alcoholic drinks.

Cambodia: We now have electricity in places.

China: More ways to detain you than you ever thought possible.

India: Your upset stomach might not last the whole trip."

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