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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Distilled Water

Publié par Marie sur 29 Mai 2013, 11:53am

Catégories : #Cultural Differences

There is always something to surprise me when I am doing the grocery shopping. Yesterday, it was the huge amount of instant noodles available or a new type of vegetable never seen before; tomorrow it will be something else….

However some stuff never change such as the presence of distilled water everywhere.

When I was in France, the only time we were using distilled water was for the iron to help straighten the clothes… and I remember my mother telling me clearly that this water is not for drinking when I was young! So how come do you find them here in every store? Is someone really drinking this water?

I tried it once as they didn’t have any more the normal water and I was afraid of dying while swallowing it slowly. Guess what… I am still here and it seems still healthy…

I have been told that distilled water does not contain minerals so it is not good for your body and I bet you have heard it too if you grew up around the same place than me!

So are HK people drinking distilled water? Is that another one of those long-life myths that you learned from someone else but-you-never-actually-remember-who-and-where?

And this article is also for one of my brother who couldn't trust me when I said I found some distilled water and locals are really drinking it like the "normal" water. Except if I am living in a zombie-world without realizing it... Hum let's check, they are all alive around me (or seems to be alive at least)! I guess our body is able to have minerals from somewhere else.

From google, you will be able to find everything and its complete opposite.

You can choose to think distilled water is really bad for your health and that you will be dying after less than a week or you can also read some of these articles and choose by yourself which side you are!

Distilled Water Myths by J. Letorney click

Canadian Water Association click

In French, click and another one here click

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