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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Trek - The Peak to Aberdeen

Publié par Marie sur 14 Juin 2011, 13:58pm

Catégories : #Treks

Hong Kong is a perfect place to hike. With a majority of the territory preserved as natural country parks, you will have plenty of choice for your hikes from Hong Kong Island to the new territories!


Treks 1086


Treks 1087


When you are a novice to this part of HK, the best is to invest in a book or maps to help you plan your treks. Just before the summer starts is also the best time of the year as later it can be tough to hike under the heat or under the heavy rains…

 Treks 1088


Treks 1091


For our first trek, we decided to choose one from our book on leisurely hikes and we found a nice trek from the Peak to Aberdeen. The book is giving you the exact road to follow and even try to show you less busy way around.

 Treks 1093


Treks 1121


The whole road is going downhill which is better for a first hike but you can also do it from Aberdeen as a lot of people were doing. We even saw a mother with her baby coming in front of us.

 Treks 1144


Treks 1103


The great thing in this park is that you can choose a lot of different walks and there are directions with an estimated time at each main corner. Between the stops for viewpoints, the stops for pictures and the stops for water, we were not hiking at a very fast pace. Actually our goal was to enjoy the surroundings not to run straight to the end of the trail.

 Treks 1153


Treks 1132


Treks 1143


It is amazing how you feel far from Hong Kong big city side, you can hear birds and smell fresh plants. It feels like an oasis of nature in the middle of the town.

 Treks 1161


Chinese people also come here to do Tai chi in the morning.


Treks 1123

 Treks 1178


Treks 1196

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