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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Master Chopsticks

Publié par Marie sur 12 Avril 2012, 16:32pm

Catégories : #Cultural Differences

When you first live in an Asian country, your first challenge is to eat with chopsticks… It was not difficult for me as I ate a lot of sushi and Chinese food in France and SA but it can be a real pain for others. Going back to forks and knives on your first weeks is very common for foreigners and is also better to enjoy your spaghetti ;)


After a while, when you are relaxing at your favorite bar/restaurant and you realize that you are eating peanuts with chopsticks, you know you have now become a “Chopsticks” Master!

It could also be a good alternative for your usual peanuts bowl at the bar with so many different people touching them, every one remember these studies on bacteria into the bowl of peanut bar…


And you, how successful are you with chopsticks and peanuts?

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