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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Taking a lift in HK

Publié par Marie sur 6 Octobre 2011, 11:57am

Catégories : #Cultural Differences

Hong Kong with its skyscrapers means lifts – and a lot of lifts. You might be leaving on the 20th floor of one building, working on the 40th on another one, having a drink on the 30th floor and your dinner might happen somewhere on the 10th! When you live here, it is just becoming a habit and you don’t find it strange anymore…


The strangest part is the behavior of locals within lifts. You always find the same buttons inside a lift cage: the different levels you could access, an emergency ring and two other buttons to keep the doors open or to close them.

Locals have a particular love relationship with the “Closed Door” button. Every time the lift stopped at one floor, there are always at least 1 or 2 locals who will try to close the door straight away. Most of the time, they won’t even wait to see if someone else was waiting to get in but didn’t pay attention.


But this habit can also become annoying (or ridiculous) as I had the chance to experience it. I was waiting the lift on the ground floor at my apartment’s building with someone else. When the lift finally reached our level, the guy next to me rushed inside (without waiting for the people to get out but that could be another story on cultural differences ;) and start closing the door in front of my face… 

When I pushed the button on my side to open it again, this guy was pressing the one to close on his side which resulted on doors becoming crazy… and it lasted for 30 seconds! Don’t tell me the guy didn’t see me as an excuse, he was looking straight at me and looked rather annoyed by my presence.

The guy finally let me in the lift as he saw I was not going to let him go without me…

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