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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

The sacred tree - Nosy Be

Publié par Marie sur 8 Février 2013, 14:27pm

Catégories : #Madagascar

Whenever you are on holidays, there is always at least one cloudy day… This is never a problem for me as relaxing on the beach can quickly become exhausting!


This cloudy day becomes the perfect day to explore the island Nosy Be.


Arbre sacre (6)


First stop, the sacred tree. Planted over 200 years ago, this banyan has roots over an area of more than 5000 square meters today!

At first I thought this was a sacred tree for fertility so I was not sure I should go but I learned soon that it was a sacred tree for other wishes too!


Let’s start the visit together, remove your shoes and wrap yourself in a local tissue given by the guide!


Arbre sacre (7)


Arbre sacre (1)


Arbre sacre (2)

 Arbre sacre (5)

 Arbre sacre (8)


Locals are coming here to pray and we were also offered by the guide to make a wish in the dedicated area…  

 Arbre sacre (10)


Don’t ask what I asked for, I won’t tell you except that there is no baby involved ;) ( I could already see the questions following this article so better be clear hehehe)

 Arbre sacre (9)

 Arbre sacre (4)

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