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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

The cost of life in Hong Kong

Publié par Marie sur 2 Avril 2012, 15:34pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

Because after two years in SA and more than a year in HK without any visits, one of my best friends is the first one coming to visit me… (Shame on all the others!!!!!!!)

Because as everyone, she wanted to know the costs of living to budget her trip in HK… Because I wanted to write this article for so long but I was just lazy…


Basically 10 HKD equals 1 Euro, so just do the calculation yourself to have an idea of the costs of living. This whole article will depend on how you are planning to live and eat while you are in HK of course… here is a quick list below.



Food – At home (prices for local products)

Milk -> 15 HKD for 1L

Bread -> 15 HKD for 20 slices of white pre packed bread

Egg -> 11 HKD for 6 eggs

Yoghurt -> 50 HKD for a pot of 1L (the individual yogurt is not a common thing here)

Coffee -> 80 HKD for 100g instant coffee

Rice -> 25 HKD for 1Kg

Pasta -> 16 HKD for 1 Kg

Chinese noodles -> 10 HKD for 500g

Meat -> 50 HKD for a beef steak, 25 HKD for a whole chicken, 25 HKD for ham sliced 200g. It will also depends on the origin of the meat

Fruits -> 3 HKD for an apple, 4 HKD for a pear, 100 HKD for 1 Kg strawberry, 8 HKD for an avocado

Tropical fruits ->20 HKD for a pineapple, 4 HKD for a banana, 12 HKD for a coconut, 4 HKD for a dragon fruit, 3 HKD for a mango

Vegetables -> Basically local veggies are cheap and imported veggies are much more expensive than in France. Just try to forget your asparagus (30 HKD for 200g), green beans (20 HKD for 150g) or white mushrooms (30 HKD for 200g) and go instead for the fresh shitake mushroom (7 HKD for 150g), cabbage (5 HKD each), china celery (10 HKD each)

Water -> 6 HKD for 1L

Wine -> from 100 HKD

Coke -> 25 HKD the 6 cans pack


Food – Outside (one dish)

McDo -> from 20 HKD a menu

KFC -> from 30 HKD a menu

Chinese restaurant street food -> from 15 HKD to 40 HKD

Chinese restaurant midrange -> from 40 HKD to 80 HKD

Occidental restaurant -> starting from 130 HKD

Soft Drinks -> starting from 20 HKD

Beers -> starting from 45 HKD

Cocktails -> starting from 80 HKD




This is just insane! Communications are starting as low as 0.10 HKD per minute and text message from 0.01 HKD per text. As an example, I currently have a cell phone contract with 2,500 minutes to use per month on top of free wifi, free internet data, 30 text messages and co… for 280 HKD (28 euros) a month! Of course, it is just impossible for me to use the whole 42 hours a month… it is more than a whole French week at work! It seems locals’ people are always speaking on the phone and no wonder why!



Chinese Brands -> 50 to 60 % cheaper than in France

European/US/Australian Brands -> same prices or more expensive if imported

Luxury goods -> curiously luxury goods are more expensive in HK than in France, why do you think Chinese people are queuing outside of Vuitton on the “Champs Elysees” avenue?

Tailors -> the best way to get fitted clothes! From cheap if you travel to Shenzhen to expensive if you stick for the best tailors in HK. However, compared to France, they will still be cheaper from far!



MTR -> from 5 HKD to 25 HKD, it depends on the distance travelled

Bus -> from 2 HKD to 15 HKD

Taxi -> starting with a fixed rate at 20 HKD, they are very cheap compared to France and an easy way to get around


Sports & Interests

Gym -> from 280 HKD to 1500 HKD a month

Group Classes -> starting from 120 HKD per hour

Books - > from 120 HKD a book, of course I am speaking about English pocket books…

DVDs -> from 20 HKD for an old movie to 200HKD for new releases

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