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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Tai Long Wan Beach - the Waterfall

Publié par Marie sur 23 Mai 2011, 13:32pm

Catégories : #Treks

On your way to the second beach, just on the left side, you will find a small rocky path which will bring you to the waterfall!


Beaches 0883


This path can be a bit hard with unappropriate shoes depending of how good you are at jumping from a rock to an other! I almost fall once because a tree attacked me in my back so you have to be careful!


Beaches 0898


A nice waterfall with a huge pool where you can jump from around 7-8 meters! All the guys had to try it and we went to see them. Some chinese people were watching them as well and looked a bit scared at the jump it was so funny!


Beaches 0905


Beaches 0906


It is exactly where the crazy tree tried to jump on me!


Beaches 0912


Beaches 0918


Following is some pictures of the boys jumping...


Beaches 0919


Beaches 0924


Beaches 0931

 Beaches 0952 

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