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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Snorkelling around

Publié par Marie sur 13 Juillet 2011, 13:16pm

Catégories : #Philippines

On my first day in the Philippines, I decided to rest a bit and to enjoy the village before starting to dive on the following day. For the one who wonder why, you are not allowed to dive and take a flight on the same day due to decompression sickness. Thanks to Loic who corrected me. you can of course dive right after landing (taking af flight after diving is however dangerous), that's because I did my Padi certification in english with Afrikaners instructors... and I am now not too sure that I understood everything...

Anyway, after the tireness due to the travel, I choose to never dive on my first day of holidays!




However I couldn’t wait to see the aquatic world here so I went snorkeling around the beach! It was the end of the afternoon, the water was crystal clear, the sea was calm so what else did I need? My experience ended abruptly after I was surrounded by a bunch of jellyfish, at least by 40 of them. Even if they were harmless and relatively small, their tentacles burned me and soon I couldn’t enjoy any more the activity. I decided to stop it as I was going to dive with a proper wet suit only in a couple of hours...






After discussion with my dive instructor, he told me that those jellyfishes were not dangerous and often seen at the end of the day around the village… next time I will ask before! I was just left with red stripes all around my body for the rest of the holidays.




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Loic van eff 26/07/2011 19:27

La prochaine fois, tu pourras plonger des le premier jour: les problèmes potentiels de pression, c'est uniquement après la plongée:-) En tout cas, grande classe, Enjoy!

Marie 27/07/2011 06:04

Oupsss... rectifie merci! Apres une nuit passee dans les transports, je prefere eviter quand meme et profiter de la plage ;) Prochaine plongees en Malaisie j'espere!! Bisous


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