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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Snake Island

Publié par Marie sur 22 Février 2012, 14:48pm

Catégories : #Philippines

Snake Island is just a piece of Paradise! Yes again!!! It is a white sand beach in a snake shipe in the middle of the sea.


Snake Island (1)


Just check the picture if you disagree…. Seriously what else could it be called ? This place is just breathtaking!


Snake Island (2)

  Snake Island (3)

 Snake Island (4)


A small walk to the top of the island gives a beautiful view on the tongue shape island in the back. It is only a paradise for photographers.

  Snake Island (5)


Snake Island (7)


Snake Island (6)


We had a small rest on this island, a swim in the middle of the day in this clear water is always welcome, isn’t it ?

Hong Kong and its crazy people are far away from my mind at this time and I wish I could live like that forever!  

 Snake Island (9)

 Snake Island (10)


On our way back, we discovered the Cathedral cave, I thought we were going inside to see it from closer but no it was not the case…. Our boat was too big to enter into this small cavity!

 Snake Island (11)

 Snake Island (12)

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