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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Shanghai - Old french concession & Town

Publié par Marie sur 3 Juillet 2012, 12:59pm

Catégories : #China

After losing the opium war in 1842, Shanghai offered lands to the French consulate and it is what this area became today: the “French concession”. Back then, this area has its own laws and rules and it was mostly a center for brothels, gambling and opium.


French old concession 

French old concession (2)

 French old concession (3)


Today, the French concession in Shanghai is a mix of low rise buildings with specific colonial-era style, galleries and plenty of bars and restaurants.


 French old concession (4)


Around you, it is a green peaceful landscape, far away from the bustle of the rest of the city! Lots of expats like to live around here and you won’t feel far from home as you walk in the streets.

  French old concession (5)


French old concession (6)


It looks like a suburb of Paris to me, for locals it looks like Paris. Lots of museum, old buildings and art deco galleries can be found around and a full day discovering the area is great.

 French old concession (7)



 It was definitely my favorite area in Shanghai and I could already see myself living here and enjoying the many terraces with a glass of wine! Back to the busy area on Nanjing Road, the most famous place in Shanghai for Shopping!

 Town (2)

 Town (3)

 Town (4) 

 Town (5)

 Town (6)

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