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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Road Trip - Tana to Ankify

Publié par Marie sur 1 Février 2013, 13:50pm

Catégories : #Madagascar

A 3-days road trip from Tananarive is planned to go to Nosy Be (2 Days by car, 1 morning by boat – 930 kilometers)!


Road trip Nosy Be (1)


Road trip Nosy Be (12)


Thankfully, a well-organized expedition has been booked by Xavier’s parents. It is not that easy to plan a trip while you are not yet in Madagascar…

  Road trip Nosy Be (5)


21 persons, 4 cars with drivers, 1 overnight in the warmest town in Maevatanana! Let’s go!!


Easier than what I thought, the trip went smoothly, it was a great time to meet your other travels buddies.


Road trip Nosy Be (4)

 Road trip Nosy Be (6)


The landscapes were amazing; we travelled through mountains, plains, rivers and bridges with small rest stop for breakfast, lunch and pee break…

  Road trip Nosy Be (14)   Road trip Nosy Be (15)

   Road trip Nosy Be (16)


Eating breakfast in the middle of the road in Madagascar was a great experience! Far from our traditional French croissants and hot chocolate, we ended up with some small rounded rice cakes (good enough for starving travelers, very cheap and pretty filling)! 

   Road trip Nosy Be (8)

 Road trip Nosy Be (10)


I almost forgot how colorful was Africa compared to any other country! Great, I am feeling home again ;)

 Road trip Nosy Be (13)

 Road trip Nosy Be (7)

 Road trip Nosy Be (9)

  Road trip Nosy Be (3)


We had a nice weather for most of our trip but one part of our trip, in the mountains, was as misty as HK on a polluted day… we couldn’t see the cars in front or around us, pretty scary on a Malagasy road!

 Road trip Nosy Be (11)

 Road trip Nosy Be (18)


Last part of the trip on the 3rd day, the boat between Ankify and Nosy Be. The harbor is a very busy area with crazy moments of local life to discover. We are almost there!

 Road trip Nosy Be (2)

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