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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

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Pura Tirtha Empul

Publié par Marie sur 10 Mai 2011, 18:35pm

Catégories : #Bali - Indonesia

After visiting temples in Bali, it is time to discover one of them a bit different; the "Pura Tirtha Empul" meaning the temple of the Holy water.


Bali---March-2011 9622




Bali---March-2011 9560


This temple is one of the most important one in the island as there is a sacred spring used in religious ceremonies. You will not be allow in the temple whitout a sarung around your hips hiding your legs and something to cover your shoulders. If you didn't know or forget about it, do not worry, you will be able to borrow one at the entrance.


Bali---March-2011 9597


Bali---March-2011 9580


Bali---March-2011 9583


 Inside the inner court, you can see a huge bathing pool where balinese people especially Hindus come to clean their spirit and body. It is supposed to cure illness as well. With this heat, you will think I should have probably jump in to refresh myself. I was afraid they might think I was not faith friendly so I didn't.


Bali---March-2011 9586




According to an old legend, this water revived the army of Indra and allowed them to defeat the King Maya Danawa. It was first a fight between good and evil. Some prayers even collect the water in bottles to take it back home!


Bali---March-2011 9590


Again you don't have access to the whole temple as some part remains private for religious time.

 Bali---March-2011 9592

  Bali---March-2011 9604


Bali---March-2011 9614


In some of the pools, people are not allowed to bath. Here is the clearest water I saw in the temple... Because they can't purify themself in it, people started to throw coins inside which is now totally forbidden.


Bali---March-2011 9606


Bali---March-2011 9619


Bali---March-2011 9594



Bali---March-2011 9618


Bali---March-2011 9626

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