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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Po Lin Monastery

Publié par Marie sur 2 Juin 2011, 13:37pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

Built in 1924, the Po Lin Monastery was initially a small temple named "the Big Thatched Hut". After almost 80 years, it was extended and became one of the top attraction for tourists in Hong Kong.




Big-Buddha 0760


A last part of the monastery is scheduled for 2012 - the Grand Hall of ten thousands Buddhas - where they will promote the advanced Buddhism and the chinese culture. It will also hold big religious events and become a platform to show Chinese and Buddhism overseas!

 Big-Buddha 0769


Big-Buddha 0770


Many precious relics are displayed here like the Longcang Sutra. An exhibition is held regularly for tourists and buddhist disciples.

  Big-Buddha 0775 

Big-Buddha 0776


This bell is ringing every seven minutes, 108 times per day. It is supposed to cure the 108 types of human vexations - there are about greed, anger, ignorance, pride, doubt...


Big-Buddha 0777


You can stay overnight at the monastery if you wish to experience the monk life, you will be served vegetarian food and will be able to discover the place at the first light in the morning before the crowd!


Big-Buddha 0782


Big-Buddha 0783


This monastery has always supported China's policy of "development through education". The funds helped to build more than

300 schools in mainland China since 20 years - of course it is Buddhist schools!

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