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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Pink dolphins - Lantau island

Publié par Marie sur 22 Mars 2011, 12:48pm

Catégories : #Outlying Islands

In Lantau Island, just next to Hong Kong Island, I went to an ecological tour to see pink dolphins. After all the safaris done in South Africa, I needed to see some typical animals.


Beaches 8335


The pink dolphins are actually named "Chinese White Dolphins". The pink color is due to the blood flushing to regulate their temperature bodies. I think they are a very shy pink as you can see on those pictures not a bubble gum pink!


Beaches 8425


They live next to the airport and are sadly threatened by Hong Kong economic developments. It is almost impossible to miss them in the bay so you have to come to see them!


Beaches 8426 

Beaches 8428


Hard to see an entire dolphin outside the water and when, eventually, you do, it is too late to take a picture!


Beaches 8429


At birth, those dolphins are grey and they change to grey then pink when they are growing! A young dolphin will swim next to his mum during a long time so you can see both colored dophins next to each other.


Beaches 8435


This morning we spotted at least ten differents dolphins. The operator we went with already gave names to some of them and is able to recognize them...


Beaches 8602


Also it is important to know that the boat we choosed is eco friendly so you are not there to disturb or chase them and the boat will stay some meters away to be sure that the doplhins dont get hurt.


Beaches 8615


Beaches 8285

 Beaches 8442

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