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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Just landed in Paradise !!

Publié par Marie sur 17 Février 2012, 17:07pm

Catégories : #Philippines

5 days off = 5 days in Paradise!


Miniloc resort (1)

And no guys, I am not always on holidays, those days were national holidays so be kind enough not to complain about the number of holidays I get per year or I will have to argue with you again (pfff... speaking about those French spoiled workers...)!


Miniloc resort (2)

 Miniloc resort (3)


We booked our holidays on Internet without any feedback in real life and we were so excited to finally arrive in Miniloc Island. It was also a bit scary but all our expectations were fully filled and even more!

  Miniloc resort (4)



Our room was one of those rooms directly on water. It was a first time for me and I loved it! The sound of the waves breaking under the room is the most peaceful sound I ever heard!

  Miniloc resort (5)


The arrival from the boat is spectacular. You can see all those water cottages directly looking at the sea and I knew it was going to be a perfect holiday with Xavier… again… ;)

 Miniloc resort (6)

 Miniloc resort (7)


The pictures will speak for themselves again as well.  


Miniloc resort (8)

 Miniloc resort (10)

 Miniloc resort (11)

 Miniloc resort (12)

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