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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

How the movie “Karate kid’ saved our life

Publié par Marie sur 26 Juillet 2011, 17:18pm

Catégories : #Cultural Differences

Did you watch the movie “Karate Kid” with Jackie Chan and Will smith’s son? If you are thinking of travelling to Asia it might help you understand some cultural differences and it is time to take two hours to watch it. Based on the story of a kid moving to China with his mum, he will learn Kung fu to defend himself from bullies at school.


I can see that you are now wondering what the “hell” I am trying to tell you….  No I didn’t start Kung Fu lessons nor am I thinking to relocate in Mainland China! But this movie helps when we moved in our new flat…



After hours spent transferring all our stuff to the new place, Xavier wanted to take a shower but he couldn’t have hot water. We started to be hopeless as we thought we might have done something wrong in the lease process as it was our first apartment in HK…

After few cold showers, we noticed a strange button at the entrance of the bathroom and we couldn’t find what it was for… until we remembered Jackie Chan explaining it to the kid in the movie… “Turn on switch, wait half an hour, take shower. After shower, turn off switch”… I don’t even know how we could have remembered this part of the movie as we saw it a long long time ago and in HK as well, you have to turn on the water to be able to have hot water…

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Romain Zubral 26/07/2011 15:42

Cold water is good for environment ! (and pleasant by summer)

Marie 27/07/2011 06:00

Yes fresh water could be nice in summer... but cold water, no way!!!


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