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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Haunted Houses

Publié par Marie sur 11 Juillet 2012, 17:14pm

Catégories : #Cultural Differences

In Hong Kong, home sellers are required by law to disclose the information whether a previous resident died in the home from an unnatural death. It includes suicide, murder, accident and all type of violent deaths…These estates are called the “Haunted houses” even if there is not literally haunted. The name can come from a lack of translation between the Chinese and English about the word “Haunted” and “Hongza” in Cantonese which means violent houses.

It is a cultural belief that the ghosts of people who died will come back to haunt them and bring back luck to the new occupants.


The value of these flats is strongly affected and the prices can be 30-40 percent below the market. Some locals are still investing in these estates as they believe better time will come and people will forget about the tragedies.

The listing found on one local real estate website is very detailed as you can see an extract below:

“Young female texted and asked her boyfriend to meet her but he sent his sister instead. Victim jumped off the building in front of the sister.”


Now I realized that I didn’t ask any question to our rental agent when we moved in. I have checked on the website mentioned earlier and I could not find anything so I am not leaving in a Hongza!


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