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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

First week at work!

Publié par Marie sur 11 Juin 2011, 17:21pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

For all the one wondering how was my first week in my new job... it was sooooo cool! If you don't understand this feeling, sorry to hear that for you but I REALLY enjoyed this week (and you might need to think about a new challenge in your life...not necessarily work but something you like don't you think ?).


On the first days, you never know what you are going to do, what kind of people you are going to work with but I was not at all scared! I felt relieved to be there within the finance team... where I belong (no that's definitely not too much to say that). After few months at home, I realized I am not an housewife and probably never will be! I love to work when the job is interesting, it is also important for me as I was starting to feel useless. I will have the chance to work with people from different backgrounds, nationalities and learn everything I can from them. As part of an American company, I already observed that the way to do business and managed is totally new from me... What is best than a multi cultural environment to grow as a professional and individual ?


I will probably work hard in this new company as there is a lot to do and to learn from. I will have less free time to share my life in Hong Kong as well.  Of course, I will make sure to get a balance between professional and personal life as there are so many nice things I want to do here.

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