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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

First Bachelorette Party ever!

Publié par Marie sur 20 Juin 2012, 16:45pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

I had my first Bachelorette Party in Hong Kong… It is not my first friend getting married but almost!!! Yes strangely, when I look at my friends only few of them are married! Anyway I am sure one day, they will all wake up together and plan their wedding the same year. So you know what, take your time I am not in a hurry to spend all my holidays back in France just for weddings!


Hong-Kong-Generalites 1322



This special day is Mara’s day. If you are wondering which one … she looks like a Walt Disney princess in the pictures.

Spotted?? Well done!


Hong-Kong-Generalites 0898



So I am not going to share with you this amazing day because as you know the Bachelorette party is a secret event and whatever is done and told, it will not get out of my mouth!!!!



Hong-Kong-Generalites 1071

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1084


We asked a photographer to stay with us part of the afternoon to keep memories of this day for Mara (and ourselves hehehe… that’s very selfish!!! But the pictures were too good to be hidden).

  Hong-Kong-Generalites 1126

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1142


We spent more than 2 hours under the professional lenses of Fung whom I totally recommend if you wish to do some photo-shoots as well.

Sparkling wine helping, we ran everywhere and had plenty of ideas for this crazy shoots as you can now enjoy by yourself!

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1169

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1175

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1183

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1190

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1199


Hong-Kong-Generalites 1226

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1231

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1240

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1282

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1295

 Hong-Kong-Generalites 1315

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Helene 23/07/2015 06:14

Hello Marie, could you please tell me how much the Photographer charged and for how long? Do you still have his contact details? Thanks!!


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