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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Dragon Boat 2011

Publié par Marie sur 4 Juillet 2011, 13:53pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

For the Tuen Ng festival at the beginning of June, Dragon boat races are held the whole day. 


Beaches 1713


This event is the commemoration of a national hero: Chu Yuan who drowned himself into the river to protest against the corrupted emperor. The people went on their boat to search for him but they couldn’t find him! They decided to make a lot of noise by hitting the drums to be sure that the fishes were leaving Chu Yuan’s body alone.


Beaches 1812


Beaches 1813


Today, the Dragon boat race is a huge tradition. The special boat represents the head and the tail of the dragon, measures more than 10 meters and carries a team of 20 paddlers. Yes as you can see, they will have to paddle to win the competition!


Beaches 1723


The atmosphere around the races is incredible, you can’t really think of a competition when you see how friendly everyone is behaving.


Beaches 1733


It reminds me more of a big party than a competition and I thought one second to be part of a team next year… until I remembered that most of the trainings are on Sunday morning at the opposite side of the island. However we quickly found Xavier’s company in this colorful mess and went to support them!


Beaches 1708


Beaches 1725


Participants proudly wear their company’s outfits and some of them are really good! Spectators are trying to catch a piece of fresh water as it is incredibly hot outside!


Beaches 1731


 Beaches 1736


Beaches 1873


Beaches 1754


Another tradition says that if you swim in the water touched by dragon boats, you should stay healthy for the coming year. I didn’t see a lot of people trying to get inside the water, maybe because it was crowded and they were too afraid to catch a paddle in their face


Beaches 1794


The end of the race is right in front of the beach where the audience is standing. It takes only 1.14 minutes to finish it for the quickest boat I saw that day!


Beaches 1858


Beaches 1791


Beaches 1910

 Beaches 1904


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Xav 14/07/2011 06:51

Je trouve les photos superbes ! :)

Marie 14/07/2011 07:00

Et voila que tu te jettes des fleurs tout seul :)


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