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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Diving in the Gilis

Publié par Marie sur 16 Mai 2011, 13:33pm

Catégories : #Bali - Indonesia

You will find plenty of dive centers on Trawagan. I decided to choose one with french spoken instructors as I never dived since I got my PADI in South Africa. Don't ask me why... I tried but everything was just against me!


Bali---March-2011 0097


Around here, the water is crystal clear and it is also known to be the "tutle capital of the world"! Not a bad start for me!

There are more than 18 dive sites the island and to protect them, the indonesian government has created an eco-tax" for every diver to pay.

It was just amazing... I saw my first turtles (one was even bigger than me)! One manta ray came close to me to say hi...  and a huge octopus wanted a hug... My buddy also showed me this tiny pygmy seahorses no larger than 2 cm... I would have never discovered all of that all by myself!

And all the classical stuff of marine life : lionfishes, sea snakes, blue ray, mantis shrimp... on different environment from walls to slopes and canyons! Waoooou!!! I was soooo impressed, it was my first dives in the sea and I loved it! After, it is time to relax in front of the sea thinking of all this marine life.


Bali---March-2011 0111


Bali---March-2011 0146 

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