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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Discovering Malagasy Wildlife

Publié par Marie sur 10 Février 2013, 14:49pm

Catégories : #Madagascar

The next step on the discovery of Nosy Be is a new park called the Lemuria Park.

As my first encounter with lemurs was not enough for me, I decided it was time to meet some of them again…


Lemuria park (7)



Lemuria park (1)


I started my day with a ride on a century-old turtle, completed by plenty of beautiful chameleons and a short visit to the old rum distillery to finish with hundreds of different lemurs playing with us under the rain!


 Lemuria park (6)

 Lemuria park (3)

 Lemuria park (4)

 Lemuria park (8)

 Lemuria park (9)

 Lemuria park (2)

 Lemuria park (5) 

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