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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Beijing - Temple of heaven Part 2

Publié par Marie sur 14 Mai 2012, 18:08pm

Catégories : #China

In the Chinese culture, Heaven is round while Earth is square. The architecture of this temple is simply amazing, well more defined than the Forbidden City if you want my personal opinion and with so many powerful colors!


Pekin - Heaven gate (14)


Pekin - Heaven gate (10)


Pekin - Heaven gate (11)

 Pekin - Heaven gate (12)

 Pekin - Heaven gate (13)

 Pekin - Heaven gate (15)


The perfect place to start doing our stupid pictures isnt it ?

      Pekin - Heaven gate (16)


Between the hall of prayers, the circular mound altar, the long corridor, you will have plenty places to discover and hang around for a whole afternoon.


Pekin - Heaven gate (17)


After a long visit, we went for a walk in the park; Chinese peaceful music is played at each corner by local musicians. We decided that it was the perfect place to take a small nap in the grass.

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