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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

A very special coffee

Publié par Marie sur 10 Mai 2011, 18:21pm

Catégories : #Bali - Indonesia

Time to discover the worst kept secret of this island... the "Bali Kopi Lowak". It is a very special coffee - the most expensive and rare one around the world - a definitive must try for coffee lovers!


Bali---March-2011 9644


Bali---March-2011 9646


This coffee is also name the "civet coffee". It is made from the beans of coffee berries which have been eaten by those animals.

 Bali---March-2011 9651


Not kidding, I promise!!!


Bali---March-2011 9654


Bali---March-2011 9657


Passing through the animal's digestive system, the beans are then collected... yes you are not dreaming... The beans are washed, dryed on the sun and then only roasted lightly to keep the original flavour.


Bali---March-2011 9658


Bali---March-2011 9660


After the visit, it is time to taste it... even if you know it has been washed, you still wonder why the farmers left the bowl with the beans half washed in front of your cup of coffee. Personnally, I didn't like it as I am almost never drinking coffee and maybe also because when you know what you are drinking, you can't help but starting to see the whole process through your mind...


Bali---March-2011 9662

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