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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

2013 Retrospective

Publié par Marie sur 15 Janvier 2014, 11:36am

Catégories : #My life in HK

2013 has gone fast, too fast!

The first thing that comes to my mind to describe the best this year is “rush”. It was a busy year, full of huge life changes, love, hope and faith! I loved it but I would also like now to relax and enjoy a little the new year to come. 

First of all, a quick feedback on the list of things I planned to do during the past year and what I have really completed.


The HK Trail -> almost done, we still have the 2 last stages to complete it. We were getting there by the middle of the year but life is not always as expected and we decided to have a baby then all things were rushed in 2 weeks’ time… I am still planning on finishing it in 2014 and starting with a new trail (yeah, I am a little bit ambitious I guess but I will share my new goals for 2014 in another article so let’s focus on 2013 achievements instead!)


The 10K run -> I am so disappointed but running a 10K at 6 months pregnant when you have never done a running race before was strongly disapproved by everyone. I almost managed to do the swimming race (4 months pregnant was not that bad huh??) but by a lucky turn in the event, I was too late to register as the race has been moved 1 month earlier than the previous year. This goal might be on target again in 2014, just wait and see…


Travel to two new countries -> I think I can tick this one and tick it again just because it was an easy task at the end ;) For the New Year’s Eve we were in Madagascar, then for the Chinese New Year we have been to Thailand, later in April for the long bank holidays season we managed to discover Taiwan. Summer came and we decided it was a good time to go to Mongolia, then September came and we went to visit Xavier’s sister in Singapore. In October we realized with the baby to come, we better go to the Maldives now (very selfish but I totally assume these holidays…) and we spent the December festive season in France. Not all these countries were new countries for us but I can count 5 new countries in 2013… a record!!!!   


Discover 5 HK beaches -> This one was just impossible to complete… I am not a beach person and especially not too much in HK… and too much sun exposure is not recommended for mums to be! No more excuse needed? Good!


Try 2 new Sunday brunches -> We have surely done again a lot of brunches around HK in 2013 but it seems we decided to go back to the place we knew instead of trying a new one - if I am not mistaken of course. Also we tried twice to book a new brunch, we realized that some of the “champagne” brunches were requesting a booking several months before the date. Yes you read well… so you can understand that we decided to go somewhere else.


The bicycle tour in Lantau -> Cycling on the road with a big belly next to plenty of buses and cars was not what I had in mind for my health or my baby’s health so I have just decided to report this trip to another date.

I realized now that I had set up huge targets regarding 2013 a year ago. I am happy with what I could accomplish and also with the other goals that will only be reported for a better timing in my personal life. No regrets here for anything I couldn’t do, don’t take me wrong!

I will need to spend some time to do my 2014 “to-do” list and I will share it with you very soon! 

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