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Marie in Hong Kong

Marie in Hong Kong

Discovery of Hong Kong

Long time no see!

Publié par Marie sur 22 Octobre 2013, 18:06pm

Catégories : #My life in HK

Yes I know I haven’t posted any articles since a while now. However I have some good excuses and my life has become quite hectic since few weeks ;) I’ll soon be a married woman and a mum! To make it even more simple, we decided to have two different weddings one intimate one in HK in 17 days (damn, time is flying!!!) and another one in France next year after I give birth to our beautiful (of course what do you expect) little baby girl. The pregnancy is just easy on me so no complain so far… of course if anyone in HK wants to give me a back massage; I will gladly accept the offer!

If you were not aware before, I am considering it as an official announcement so don’t expect a beautiful postcard in your mail box, this is so 2000’ anyway ;)!


To make thing a little bit funnier, we also moved to a new place since Saturday and our new apartment is just a living mess for now. We are missing some furniture so a trip to Horizon Plaza this week end is also planned (Huge furniture mall for the non-HK people – when I say huge, it is huge!!! 28 floors of shops with plenty of choice but I am sure this trip will sound more exciting that it will be in reality).

You might understand now that my blog is becoming the least of my worries and I have other important things to focus on in my personal life! I am also asking myself a lot of questions about this blog now.

At the beginning I only wanted to share my life and travels through these pages with my family and closest friends without being too intimate… we are still on internet!! However with the time, I realized that more and more people were looking for information on Hong Kong and I start posting some information for new comers and answer all their queries online.

Today I am not sure what I want to do with this blog, I will be really busy in the next couple of weeks (or even months) and I want to focus more on what is happening for real rather than doing a blog just to post something. Also, I am not too sure I want to share my personal life with my baby on internet as everyone has access to it... and some people can be seriously weird! I am seriously considering stopping this blog very soon but I’ll discuss it again with my family around Christmas Time just to make up my mind or find a good way to preserve my intimacy while continuing this blog. I know you will be delighted to have some articles such as the first smile of baby, the first kiss of baby, the first travel of baby, the first fight of baby… yes, we are all too excited to read these stupid articles right (or is that really boring for all the other people except the proud parents hahaha!)

I’ll keep you posted soon on my decision and don’t worry, I will share my last trip to the Maldives with you… but that’s just to make you all jealous as it was the perfect pre-honeymoon holiday! And now I am open for your suggestions for real honeymoon destination as Xavier doesn’t like my idea of climbing the Himalayas…

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Lucile 30/10/2013 23:34

Encore felicitatiooons :)
J'espere que tu continueras le blog bien que je comprennenparfaitement que tu ne veuilles pas partager tes photos de Mini-toi avec toute la Terre. Peut-être alors garder ce blog pour HK, Asie et patisseries et, si tu le souhaites, Facebook pour la petite? Enfin moi je dis ça je dis rien :)
J-8 hiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!


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